Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How Road Runner Card can benefit me, if I am having insurance?
A. Insurance policies are limited to certain set of prescriptions and moreover, they are marked with high deductibles. So it’s beneficial to have the Road Runner discount card that is available for free.

Q2. Why all pharmacies don’t accept the Road Runner Card?
A. All the drugstores have equivalent chances to serve you by means of this system. Pharmacies participating in this system have to pay a small fee to the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) company and offer you the discount. Some of the smaller pharmacies don’t take part in these programs to avoid paying that fee. However, you can use Road Runner card confidently at all the major pharmacies to get discount on your prescription medication.

Q3. Do prices vary among participating pharmacies?
A. The discounted rate for prescription medications are determined according to industry standards. Most of the participating pharmacies offer the same price. The prices may vary when the rates of medicines are updated. The pharmacies may also offer some special discounts for a limited period of time. If the sale price is lower than the determined discount rate then the Road Runner card holder will only have to pay the lowered sale price.

Q4. Does my doctor need to know about Road Runner Card while writing my prescription?
A. No, you don’t need to inform your doctor about discount card. However, you can consult with him/ her about saving money on prescription medications.

Q5. I am not an American. Can I use Road Runner Card in the U.S.?
A. Yes, Road Runner Card can be used by anyone whether you’re a citizen of the USA or not.

Q6. Can I get bulk cards to hand out?
A. Approximately 50 million Americans are not insured and paying more for their prescription medication. We really encourage doctors, pharmacists and organizations, etc. to offer free access to Road Runner Cards.

Q7. Can I use Road Runner Card for my pet?
A. Yes, you can use Road Runner discount card for your pet’s medication.

Q8. Can anyone use my card?
A. Yes, anyone can use this card. The same card can be used again and again by different people without any restriction.

Q9. How much can I save with Road Runner card?
A. Road Runner Card offers a discount up to 85% which is accepted over 60,000 pharmacies across the US. You can get discount on generic and branded medications with Road runner card. The best way to know, how much you can save with Road Runner Card is to take your card to a participating pharmacy and ask them about discountsfor your prescription medication.

Q10. My Pharmacist said it didn’t work?
A. Sometimes, the drug store’s retail cost is lower. If the cost is lower, then you will get no discount. So, when the drug specialist says that it didn’t work, they mean that the retail cost is lower and no discount was connected.

Q11. Does this card really help me save on my pet’s medications?
A. Yes, many pharmacies accept Road Runner discount card for pet medication. Share this information and discount card with your groomer, veterinarian, or kennel so that they can help other customers save money on their pet’s prescription medication.

Q12. Which prescription medications are covered under Road Runner card?
A. All generic and FDA approved medications are eligible for discount with Road Runner discount card.

Q13. How will I know that how much my medication will cost?
A. The cost of prescription medications changes regularly! To find out the current cost of medication, you need to give your Road Runner discount card and your prescription to a participating pharmacist. They will offer you the lowest price available at the pharmacy.